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Definitions of ab:

part of speech: noun

Prefix, denoting away from.

part of speech: noun

A prefix signifying from, away from, off.

Usage examples for ab:

  • We've decided that the triumphant feeling is something bequeathed to us by the cave- men like those in The Story of Ab you know- an instinct that makes you want to prove yourself master; and that the pity is a sign we're all growing better instead of worse. "Virginia of Elk Creek Valley", Mary Ellen Chase
  • Look, Coco, no ab breath. "The Pirate", Frederick Marryat
  • It is generally supposed that elephants do not shed their tusks at all, not even milk- teeth, but that they grow ab initio, as do the incisors of rodents, from a persistent pulp, and continue growing through life. "Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon", Robert A. Sterndale

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