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Definitions of alpha:

part of speech: noun

The first letter of the Greek alphabet (α). It is employed in chemistry to denote the first in a series of isomeric compounds; and is similarly used as a classifier in the nomenclature of other sciences.

Usage examples for alpha:

  • There," as he grasped Johnston's arm in a clasp of iron, " I see; you are undeveloped, unfit- none but the healthy and strong are allowed to live in Alpha "The Land of the Changing Sun", William N. Harben
  • The Alpha and Omega of that gorgeous pageant of the fifties vanished like a mirage! "Worldly Ways and Byways", Eliot Gregory
  • You cannot imagine my surprise when I reached Alpha Centaurus and found that it was inhabited by a class of human creatures who were created to live and flourish in fire. "Life in a Thousand Worlds", William Shuler Harris

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