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Definitions of bar:

part of speech: noun

Barye, a unit of pressure, representing one megadyne per square centimeter; as a unit of atmospheric pressure it is the equivalent of 29. 53 mercury inches.

part of speech: noun

One of the two convergent ridges on the ground surface of the hoof of a horse, united by the frog, and fused with the sole in front; pars inflexa lateralis and pars inflexa medialis.

Usage examples for bar:

  • Seeing how I had been taken in, the crowd in the bar thought fit to laugh. "A Crime of the Under-seas", Guy Boothby
  • He played a bar or two and she began to sing. "Kent Knowles: Quahaug", Joseph C. Lincoln
  • There's no bar against them coming here at night? "The Orange-Yellow Diamond", J. S. Fletcher

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