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Definitions of damp:

part of speech: adjective

1. Humid, moist. 2. Atmospheric moisture. 3. Foul air in a mine, air charged with carbonic oxide or with various explosive hydrocarbon vapors.

Usage examples for damp:

  • It was a dark day, and long after the train had pulled out Cynthia remembered the tearful faces of the family standing on the damp platform of the station. "The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill", Winston Churchill
  • Grandpa sat reading by the kitchen fire, as the rain made the air damp and Fred held a book in his hand. "Little Robins' Love One to Another", Madeline Leslie
  • For an hour they continued their route, getting uncomfortably damp during the process; and then they were halted and told that they might lie down. "With Haig on the Somme", D. H. Parry

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