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Definitions of deformity:

part of speech: noun

Abnormal formation or growth; disfiguration.

part of speech: noun

A deviation from the normal shape or size, resulting in disfigurement.

Usage examples for deformity:

  • Among some savage nations the leg is bandaged for a few inches above the ankle and for a few inches below the knee and the central part is allowed to expand as it will, and this deformity to them constitutes beauty. "What a Young Woman Ought to Know", Mary Wood-Allen
  • We gave him the name of Sigurd,- and when Thelma was born, the two babies used to play together all day, and we never noticed anything wrong with the boy, except his natural deformity till he was about ten or twelve years old. "Thelma", Marie Corelli
  • The impression which I experienced in the Lyapinsky house had, at the very first, made me conscious of the deformity of my own life. "The Moscow Census - From "What to do?"", Lyof N. Tolstoi

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