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Results for dysentery

Definitions of dysentery:

part of speech: noun

Intestinal inflammation with bloody stools.

part of speech: noun

A disease marked clinically by frequent small stools, chiefly of blood and mucus, accompanied by pain and tenesmus; it may be acute or chronic, sporadic or epidemic, and is due to the action of a specific bacillus or of a specific ameba.

Usage examples for dysentery:

  • Many died of fever and dysentery some deserted and got away as best they could, the general result being that little benefit was derived from the British Legion by Venezuela. "The West Indies and the Spanish Main [1899]", James Rodway
  • On the frontier, towards the end of 1757, he was seized with a violent attack of dysentery and fever, which compelled him to leave the army and retire to Mount Vernon. "The True George Washington [10th Ed.]", Paul Leicester Ford
  • At least a third of the forces were killed, disabled, or invalided by bullets, shells and dysentery "The Irish at the Front", Michael MacDonagh

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