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Definitions of filter:

part of speech: verb

Agent used to eliminate solids from a liquid by straining.

part of speech: verb

1. To pass a fluid through a porous substance which arrests all suspended solid particles except those of extreme minuteness. 2. An apparatus provided with a porous substance through which a fluid is passed in order to separate it from any solids it may contain.

Usage examples for filter:

  • I remembered bitterly that, when I left them at Strasburg, I had begged them never to fill up without a filter "The Brother of Daphne", Dornford Yates
  • What is really wanted in dealing with this matter seems to be some person- some grave, superficial person- who will take the scientific mind up scientifically, shake it and filter it, put it under the microscope, stare at it with a telescope, stick the X- ray through it, lay it on the operating table- show what is the matter with it- even to itself. "The Lost Art of Reading", Gerald Stanley Lee

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