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Definitions of gainesville:

part of speech: noun

Georgia. Alkaline- saline- chalybeatecarbonated waters. Gower, Deal, and New Holland springs. Used by drinking in digestive disorders, the dentition period of children, kidney affections, and general debility. The entire year.

Usage examples for gainesville:

  • October 18.- To- day Kilpatrick advanced with his division, which consists of Custer's and Davies' brigades, to within a half- mile of Gainesville where we bivouacked for the night. "Three Years in the Federal Cavalry", Willard Glazier
  • At Gainesville this road was crossed by another, which, lost in dense woods, appeared once more on the open heights to the far north- east, where the white buildings of Centreville glistened in the sunshine. "Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War", G. F. R. Henderson

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