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Definitions of infusoria:

part of speech: noun plural

Minute organisms in animal or vegetable infusions.

part of speech: noun plural

Ciliophora; a subphylum ( or class) of Protozoa, the members of which have a generative micronucleus and a vegetative macronucleus, and are provided with cilia, either free or fused into membranes; the cilia may be permanent or present only in the early stages.

Usage examples for infusoria:

  • You mean that if every living thing in the world should pass out, every man, every plant, every animal, even down to microscopic infusoria the Mind would collect all its electrons, and through some more jealous law of, er, cohesion hold these electrons inviolate from matter and energy? "Astounding Stories of Super-Science, December 1930", Various
  • Not an inch of ground without infusoria in those regions! "Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence", Louis Agassiz
  • His books, for he somewhat passionately examined old civilizations, and described their habits from time to time with a dry and not too poignant pen in a certain old- fashioned magazine; his microscope, for he studied infusoria and the fishing boat of his friend John Bogle, who had long perceived that Lord Dennis was the biggest fish he ever caught; all these, with occasional visitors, and little runs to London, to Monkland, and other country houses, made up the sum of a life which, if not desperately beneficial, was uniformly kind and harmless, and, by its notorious simplicity, had a certain negative influence not only on his own class but on the relations of that class with the country at large. "The Patrician", John Galsworthy

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