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Definitions of L:

part of speech: noun

Denotes the number of doses of toxic bouillon, fatal to a guinea- pig weighing 250 grams, which are necessary, when mixed with one antitoxin unit, to kill the animal within five days, one lethal dose being left uncombined.

part of speech: noun

1. Abbreviation for left, left eye. 2. Abbreviation for Latin limes, boundary, limit; used in an equation noting the reaction of toxin and antitoxin.

Usage examples for L:

  • Join L to M and get the point N where this line meets u'. "An Elementary Course in Synthetic Projective Geometry", Lehmer, Derrick Norman
  • No doubt the quarter and the half dollar had been lying there ever since the day last week when Morse had eaten at the Bar Double G. She addressed an envelope, dropped the money in, sealed the flap, and put the package beside a letter addressed to T. L Morse. "Brand Blotters", William MacLeod Raine
  • In case P. P. L makes any trouble, they aren't here; they have faithfully joined their beloved master in his refuge on PolTerm. "Time Crime", H. Beam Piper

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