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Definitions of M:

part of speech: noun

Abbreviation for myopia or myopic; for mille, a thousand; in prescriptions, for misce, mix.

part of speech: noun

Abbreviation for meter, minim.

part of speech: noun

Abbreviation, in chemistry, for meta-. μ Abbreviation for micron.

Usage examples for M:

  • I heard M Fouquet himself say so to the king. "Louise de la Valliere", Alexandre Dumas, Pere
  • M de la Varenne. "The Life of Marie de Medicis, Vol. 1 (of 3)", Julia Pardoe
  • She talked to him freely about her plans, and was eloquent about the spirit and abilities of M de Villeneuve, who was to take charge of her soldiers after they joined him in Paris. "Hyacinth 1906", George A. Birmingham

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