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Definitions of membrane:

part of speech: adjective


part of speech: noun

A thin sheet or layer of pliable tissue, serving as a covering or envelope of a part, the lining of a cavity, as a partition or septum, or to connect two structures. ( For the anatomical terms not found here, see under membrana.).

part of speech: noun

Thin web- like sheet, as pleura, etc.

Usage examples for membrane:

  • In the hickory this inner wrapping is like a great livid membrane an inch or more in length, thick, fleshy, and shining. "A Year in the Fields", John Burroughs
  • So, when great derangement of the mucous membrane exists, debilitating perspiration succeeds. "The American Reformed Cattle Doctor", George Dadd
  • Their seeds operate mechanically against constipation, though sometimes irritating the lining membrane of the stomach and bowels. "Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure", William Thomas Fernie

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