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Definitions of molecule:

part of speech: noun

Smallest subdivision of a mass, possessing individual existence.

Usage examples for molecule:

  • Thus in going up from the atom to the molecule from the molecule to the nebulae, and from the nebulae to the principal star, from the principal star to the sun, from the sun to the planet, and from the planet to the satellite, we have the whole series of transformations undergone by the celestial powers from the first days of the universe. "The Moon-Voyage", Jules Verne
  • By its means the hypothetical molecule and atom postulated by science become visible and living realities to the occult student, and on this closer examination he finds them to be much more complex in their structure than the scientific man has yet realised them to be. "Clairvoyance", Charles Webster Leadbeater
  • " I see nothing but vastness and cold gray grandeurs," she said, adding: " and the very bigness of it makes me feel like a mere atom, or a molecule whichever is the smaller." "Empire Builders", Francis Lynde

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