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Definitions of phalanx:

part of speech: noun

Singular of phlanges, q. v.

part of speech: noun

1. One of the long bones of the fingers or toes, 14 in number for each hand or foot, 2 for the thumb or great toe, and 3 each for the other four digits; they are numbered from I- III, beginning from the metacarpus. The 3d ( 2d in the thumb or great toe), or terminal, phalanx is called the ungual phalanx because of a flattened surface, ungual tuberosity, at its termination which supports the nail. 2. One of a number of cuticular plates, arranged in several rows, on the surface of the organ of Corti; they are the heads of the outer row of Corti's rods and of Deiter's cells, and between them are the free ends of the hair cells.

Usage examples for phalanx:

  • She flew down- stairs, and immediately the town of Siskiyou saw twelve members of the Ladies' Reform and Literary Lyceum follow her in a hasty phalanx across the square to the station. "Red Men and White", Owen Wister
  • Wilson: The Black Phalanx "The Negro", W.E.B. Du Bois
  • He observed that his cavalry were inclined to give way, and therefore sent for his phalanx and arrayed it against the enemy. "Plutarch's Lives, Volume II", Aubrey Stewart & George Long

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