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Definitions of placenta:

part of speech: noun

Membranous sac, with bloody contents from which fetus derives its sustenance; the after birth.

part of speech: noun

1. The organ of communication between the fetus and the mother; it is formed from the outer layer of the fetal envelopes, or chorion, and is of flat circular form, about the size of a soup- plate, or seven inches in diameter. The fetal surface is smooth and from it proceeds the umbilical cord; the maternal surface is marked by a number of lobules, or cotyledons, which project into sinuses in the wall of the uterus, being there bathed in the maternal blood; by this means the fetal blood receives oxygen and nutriment and gives up waste material, the placenta therefore performing the functions of respiration, nutrition, and excretion. After the expulsion of the child the placenta is called the after- birth. 2. An enlarged spleen, a clot, or other body having a resemblance to a placenta. 3. In botany, the sporophore, the part of the ovary of a plant which contains the ovules.

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