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Definitions of presentation:

part of speech: noun

Applied to appearance of portion of fetus at the os uteri.

part of speech: noun

The part of the body of the fetus which is in advance during birth. Any part may present, so that there may be an arm, hand, shoulder, foot, leg, etc., presentation, but a normal presentation is one of either pole- the vertex or the breech.

Usage examples for presentation:

  • So much of an exhibition as there was at the presentation in 1778 has not been usual. "A Collection of College Words and Customs", Benjamin Homer Hall
  • Glazzard, desirous of presentation to the Mayor, gave Ivy a glance, and she, with much nervousness, uncertain whether she might do such a thing, said to her friend's father: " I think, Mr. Mumbray, you don't know my uncle, Mr. Eustace Glazzard?" "Denzil Quarrier", George Gissing

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