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Definitions of projection:

part of speech: noun

1. A pushing out. 2. A prominence. 3. The referring of a sensation to the object producing it. 4. The referring to another of a repressed complex in the individual, as when one reprobates in others faults to the commission of which he himself has a constant inclination. 5. The conception by the consciousness of a mental occurrence belonging to the ego as of external origin.

Usage examples for projection:

  • " I have a thought for you," I said, when Norty had shut off the projection "The Right Time", Walter Bupp
  • A true Man of Science, he stated, one who has labored for years to acquire those degrees you affect to despise, would have been trained in selfless devotion to the service of mankind, would never have made whatever gross error your ignorance, heightened by projection into a sphere for which you are probably biologically unfitted- though this is perhaps controversial- has betrayed you into. "Greener Than You Think", Ward Moore
  • Nothing abides in one tense projection and my Father, resolute as he was, had other preoccupations. "Father and Son", Edmund Gosse

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