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Definitions of pyrola:

part of speech: noun

Round- leaved or false wintergreen, the plant Pyrola rotundifolia, an herb of Europe and North America; employed in epilepsy, uterine diseases, and gravel, and in general as an antispasmodic in doses of gr. 5- 30 ( 0. 3- 2. 0).

Usage examples for pyrola:

  • The first is under date of the 19th:- " Walked, after dinner, in the Old Road, as I have done often of late, and sat for a while at the entrance to Pyrola Grove. "Birds in the Bush", Bradford Torrey
  • Sometimes the pyrola simulates it and cracks the gloss on its leaves with a wan wintergreen smile at the success of the deception. "Old Plymouth Trails", Winthrop Packard

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