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Definitions of rabies:

part of speech: noun

Hydrophobia of dumb brutes.

part of speech: noun

Lyssa; hydrophobia ( the usual term for the disease in man), an acute infectious disease of dogs, wolves, and other animals, characterized by spasm of the muscles of respiration and deglutition, madness, and other symptoms of profound disturbance of the central nervous system. The lesions ( congestion, perivascular exudation of leucocytes, and minute hemorrhages) are found exclusively in the brain, medulla, spinal cord, and ganglia. The specific organism is believed by most observers to be a protozoon, the so- called Negri body, present in the substance of the nerve- cells and their processes. It occurs usually in two stages, the spasmodic and the paralytic.

Usage examples for rabies:

  • Patients who are in the midst of overwhelming dread of the development of rabies must be taken seriously and their cases treated by mental influence. "Psychotherapy", James J. Walsh

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