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Definitions of radical:

part of speech: adjective

A substance which admits combination with a simple body. Applied to active treatment for elimination of a diseased condition.

part of speech: adjective

1. In chemistry, a group of atoms passing as such from one compound to another, acting thus like a single atom. 2. The haptophore group of an antibody. 3. Relating to the root or cause, thorough; as a radical operation, one which removes every trace of possibly diseased tissue, or makes recurrence impossible.

Usage examples for radical:

  • " And on the occasion when you did me the honour to call on me," said Mr. Flint, " if I remember rightly, you expressed some rather radical views - for the son of Hilary Vane." "The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill", Winston Churchill
  • For even Laura's friends, her father learned with astonishment, had acquired quite an appetite for men and women with ideas- the more " radical the better. "His Family", Ernest Poole
  • That is, one is filled at a time, the idea being to have fresh eggs entering and chicks moving out in a regular order, so as not to cause radical changes in the temperature of the hatchery. "The Dollar Hen", Milo M. Hastings

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