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Definitions of shin:

part of speech: noun

Front portion of tibia.

part of speech: noun

The anterior portion of the leg.

Usage examples for shin:

  • You see, Anson, looking at Connie without his mask or shin guards, was figuring that he would have to get into all that harness again, before the game went on. "Bert Wilson's Fadeaway Ball", J. W. Duffield
  • " All right, shin up, but mind the limbs," answered David. "Andrew the Glad", Maria Thompson Daviess
  • Afterward Ned realized that during the ensuing ten or twelve seconds he had tried desperately to shin up the tall policeman; but at the time he had not known it, nor, or so it appeared, had the policeman, for the latter was shouting his lungs out! "The Turner Twins", Ralph Henry Barbour

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