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Definitions of solution:

part of speech: noun

Liquid in which a solid has been dissolved.

part of speech: noun

1. The termination of a disease by crisis. 2. A break, cut, or laceration of the solid tissues, used in the term, solution of continuity. 3. The incorporation of a solid or a gas in a fluid substance, the resultant being a homogeneous liquid; cf. dispersion and suspension. 4. Specifically, in pharmacy, an aqueous solution of a non- volatile substance. In the language of the Pharmacopoeia, an aqueous solution of a non- volatile substance is called a solution or liquor; an aqueous solution of a volatile substance is a water or aqua; an alcoholic solution of a non- volatile substance is a tincture or tinctura; an alcoholic solution of a volatile substance is a spirit or spiritus; a solution in vinegar is a vinegar or acetum; a solution in glycerin is a glycerite or glyceritum; a solution in wine is a wine or vinum; a solution of sugar in water is a, syrup or syrupus; a solution of a mucilaginous substance is a mucilage or mucilago; a solution of an alkaloid or metallic oxide in oleic acid is an oleate or oleatum.

Usage examples for solution:

  • There must be some solution there's always a way of doing everything, and some one will find it out. "The Boy With the U. S. Fisheries", Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  • The solution he had followed was the only possible one- that was still quite true. "Deepfreeze", Robert Donald Locke
  • But I have worked out the solution "David and the Phoenix", Edward Ormondroyd

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