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Definitions of system:

part of speech: noun

Arrangement in regular order of the parts of the body. See Economy.

part of speech: noun

A consistent and complex whole made up of correlated and semi- independent parts. Specifically: 1. The entire organism. 2. Any complex of structures anatomically related, as the vascular system. 3. Any complex of structures functionally related, as the digestive system. 4. In zoology and botany a method of classification, as the Linnean system. 5. A scheme of medical theory, as the Brunonian system. 6. An encyclopedic treatise on medicine or any of its branches, the work of several authors, arranged systematically according to subjects. 7. A progressive course of instruction, arranged according to a definite plan.

Usage examples for system:

  • They are of two kinds; they respect the things that are in the system and the things that are not in it. "Essays on the Constitution of the United States", Paul Leicester Ford
  • A system of terror was now the order of the day. "Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. Volume 3", Henry Hunt

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