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Definitions of ta:

part of speech: verb transitive

See alkaline tuberculin.

Usage examples for ta:

  • Tom shall tell you what he thinks of it, and now ta "The Time of Roses", L. T. Meade
  • Then when some of the people didn't seem to pelieve him, he wass ferry angry again, wass Neil; and when the Sheriff said he wass to go and pe tried at Edinburgh he went out of the court in a terrible rage and a fury; and he said to us ahl that he would not go to Edinburgh, because if ta people here who wass his friends didn't peliefe him, they would not pe peliefing him neither in Edinburgh where they wass ahl strangers to him, and that he would be finding some way of escaping pefore he wass sent there and not be pringing disgrace upon an honest family. "The Adventure League", Hilda T. Skae
  • Ta ta I hope you are enjoying your picnic. "By Veldt and Kopje", William Charles Scully

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