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Definitions of thermometer:

part of speech: noun

Instrument denoting temperature.

part of speech: noun

An instrument for indicating the temperature of any substance. The ordinary thermometer is a sealed vacuum tube, expanded into a bulb at its lower extremity, and containing mercury; the latter expands with heat and contracts with cold, its level accordingly rising or falling in the tube, the exact degree of variation of level being indicated by a scale etched on the glass of the tube or marked on the frame which holds the tube. For measuring extreme degrees of cold, a thermometer filled with alcohol instead of mercury is used ( spirit thermometer). High temperatures are measured by means of a vessel containing dry air or gas ( air or gas thermometer), the expansion or increased pressure of which indicates the degree of heat. For measuring excessive heat, such as that of a furnace or pottery kiln, a special form of thermometer, in the shape of a metallic bar or other contrivance is used; this is termed a pyrometer.

Usage examples for thermometer:

  • " And you leave your grub behind, to be eaten by a lot of-" " I can't stand here argyfying with the thermometer down to-" The Boy began to drag the sled over the snow. "The Magnetic North", Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)
  • I think we had better take his temperature," I said, as I held a clinical thermometer in the shape of a fountain- pen to the rosebud lips of the patient. "Leaves from a Field Note-Book", J. H. Morgan
  • " Now," said he, " the thermometer is going to be really mad." "Bohemians of the Latin Quarter", Henry Murger

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