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Definitions of tissue:

part of speech: noun

A web or structure resembling a web.

part of speech: noun

A collection of cells or derivatives of cells, forming a definite structure.

Usage examples for tissue:

  • One by one, and with a steady hand, he had dropped Daisy's letters into the fire and watched them turning into ashes, and thought how like his love for her they were when nothing remained of them but the thin gray tissue his breath could blow away. "Miss McDonald", Mary J. Holmes
  • At first her husband and relatives hoped against hope that some extraordinary tissue of events had contributed to the building up of a mystery which would prove to be no mystery. "A Mysterious Disappearance", Gordon Holmes
  • Holmes pulled a large sheet of tissue paper out of his pocket and carefully unfolded it upon his knee. "Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes", Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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