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Definitions of tooth:

part of speech: noun

One of the hard conical structures set in the alveoli of the upper and lower jaws, employed in mastication and assisting also in articulation. A tooth is a dermal structure, not bone; it is composed of dentine ( substantia eburnea), encased in cement ( substantia ossea) on the covered portion, and enamel ( substantia adamantina), on its exposed portion. It consists of a root ( radix) buried in the alveolus, a neck ( collum) covered by the gum, and a crown ( corona) the exposed portion. In the center is a hollow, the tooth- cavity or pulp- cavity, filled with a connective- tissue reticulum containing a jelly- like substance ( pulpa dentis) and blood- vessels and nerves which enter through a canal at the apex of the root. The 20 milk- teeth or deciduous teeth ( see dens deciduus) appear between the sixth or ninth and the twenty- fourth months of life. These fall out and are replaced by the 32 permanent teeth ( see dens permanens) appearing from the 5th or 7th to the 16th or 23d years. There are four kinds of teeth; incisor ( dens incisivus), canine ( dens caninus), bicuspid or premolar ( dens premolaris), and molar ( dens molaris). See dens, denial, dentition, and teeth.

Usage examples for tooth:

  • Yes, a wild beast: and you've got to fight him at first, fight him tooth and claw. "At Love's Cost", Charles Garvice
  • He cannot work effectively so long as he suffers; the only way to peace is to cure the tooth ache. "The Open Secret of Ireland", T. M. Kettle

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