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Definitions of vaccine:

part of speech: adjective

Cow- pox virus.

part of speech: adjective

1. Relating to vaccina in the cow or man. 2. The virus of cowpox, used by inoculation to confer immunity against smallpox; what is now employed is serum from the vesicles of the disease in a heifer, but formerly the scab of the dried pustule, taken from the animal or from man, was used. 3. The modified and attenuated virus of any disease, incapable of producing a severe infection, but affording protection, when inoculated, against the action of the unmodified virus. 4. An emulsion of dead cultures of specific bacteria in saline solution, employed hypodermically in opsonic therapy.

Usage examples for vaccine:

  • By gad, the next time I meet him I 'll roar out for vaccine matter. "The Adventures of Harry Richmond, Complete", George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  • We'll find out how much vaccine we've got and decide what to do with it. "The Year When Stardust Fell", Raymond F. Jones

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