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Definitions of wakefulness:

part of speech: noun

The state in which there is an absence of the inclination to sleep; occurring at the time when sleep should normally occur it is synonymous with insomnia.

Usage examples for wakefulness:

  • There was no definite line between the dream- state and wakefulness "Deadly City", Paul W. Fairman
  • He had thought it his duty to join her for a few moments, and then go outside again to act the part of sentinel, although such labor could be of little avail; but before he had been nestling by her side five minutes his eyes were closed in slumber; and the mother, her mind reaching out to the absent father, spent the hours of the night in wakefulness watching over her children. "Dick in the Desert", James Otis
  • A loud knocking at the door startled her into wakefulness and jumping to her feet, she confronted Mrs. Nairne, who looked at her with injured amusement. "Christina", L. G. Moberly

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