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Definitions of Yelk:

part of speech: noun

See Yolk.

part of speech: noun


Usage examples for Yelk:

  • Gradually the busy little cells arrange themselves to build up heart, lungs, brain, stomach, and limbs, for which the yelk and white furnish nutriment. "The American Woman's Home", Catherine E. Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • The layer of organic units lying in contact with the yelk must be those through which the yelk is absorbed; and so must be adapted to the absorbent office. "Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I", Herbert Spencer
  • Incidentally with respect to the yelk of an egg, as prescribed here, it is an established fact that patients have been cured of obstinate jaundice by taking a raw egg on one or more mornings while fasting. "Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure", William Thomas Fernie

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