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Remember not understanding what ablepsy meant? Or chorea? Out of thousands of useful medicinal words, these are two of the most common. But if you did not know what these terms represented, you are not alone. Millions have medical questions left unanswered. Med-dictionary.com, however, has risen to the challenge. Created specifically with the health consumer in mind, the dictionary website provides an easily accessible resource to students and health professionals as well as anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of medicine. And with a burgeoning variety of medical disorders being mentioned in the media, it is of utmost importance that a reliable, accurate dictionary provides the public with up-to-date information.

Stedman and Warner, two prevalent medical dictionaries, are renowned for their authoritative descriptions and vast array of terminology. Both offer concise explanations ranging from over-the-counter drugs, prescription medications, medical acronyms, diseases, procedures, and research topics. Topics such as anatomy, physiology, and test procedures are also found in Stedman and Warner medical dictionaries. Of course, many more subjects are included, spanning well over 45,000 definitions.

By utilizing both dictionaries in a single search engine, leafing through twelve hundred page medical lexicons is no longer necessary. Why choose hours of overwhelming material and blank stares at medical journals over instantaneous answers? It is as simple as typing in a single word, and in seconds, Med-dictionary.com has found your request.

Whether you are an aspiring medical student or soon-to-be patient, Stedman and Warner medical dictionaries can satisfy and educate any curious mind. Unlike other online medical dictionaries, Med-dictionary.com offers thousands of condensed definitions, but without adding complex medical jargon. The volume of material included in Med-dictionary.com is also vast and authoritative, giving users the most dependable, precise medical information available on the web.

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1. The ham, the posterior aspect of the knee. 2. The tarsus in the horse and other quadrupeds; the joint of the hind leg between the knee and the fetlock; see cut under horse. ...