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Definitions of acid:

part of speech: adjective

A sour substance; very pungent; reddens litmus paper.

part of speech: adjective

1. A compound of an electronegative element or radical with hydrogen; it forms salts by replacing all or part of the hydrogen with an electropositive element or radical. An acid containing one displaceable atom of hydrogen in the molecule is called monobasic; one containing two such atoms, bibasic; and one containing more than two, polybasic. 2. In popular language, any chemical compound which has a sour taste. 3. Sour, sharp to the taste: 4. Relating to an acid; giving an acid reaction, turning a vegetable blue red. ( For definitions of the different acids, see the adjectives or under acidum; the acids official in the U. S. and Br. Pharmacopeias are defined under acidum.).

Usage examples for acid:

  • Harley P. had told her that night that Bob would " stand the acid "The Long Chance", Peter B. Kyne
  • She gave the wine back to her daughter, saying good- humoredly: " I have tasted sweeter, but acid is refreshing in this heat." "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers
  • It was extremely cool, and had a sweet taste, mingled with acid in fact, it was the likest thing to lemonade I ever tasted, and was most grateful and refreshing. "The Coral Island", R.M. Ballantyne

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