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Definitions of anatomy:

part of speech: noun

The science relating to the structure of organic bodies.

part of speech: noun

1. The structure of an organism, morphology. 2. The science of the morphology or structure of organisms. 3. Dissection. 4. A work describing the form and structure of an organism and of its various parts.

Usage examples for anatomy:

  • We stood among his pictures and gossiped of art, praising H's brush- work, wondering at R's anatomy arguing L's historical accuracy, and talking of everything warily- on the brink, as it were, of a plunge, like timid girls at a river, dipping now a finger, a foot, an arm, in the chilly depths, and wavering. "Love's Usuries", Louis Creswicke
  • " My father has got a book about anatomy but I never thought anything about that sort of thing till I tried to stuff little animals. "Burr Junior", G. Manville Fenn
  • No one should attempt it unless he understands perfectly the anatomy of the muscles that are used and compose the vocal apparatus, their placement and uses. "Sixty Years of California Song", Margaret Blake-Alverson

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