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Definitions of antiseptic:

part of speech: adjective

An agent used to prevent putrefaction.

part of speech: adjective

1. Destructive to the germs of disease, fermentation, or putrefaction. 2. A substance which prevents the action of the germs of fermentation, decomposition, or disease.

Usage examples for antiseptic:

  • What supposition so natural as that, perhaps in a blinding snowstorm, they slipped into a crevice in the ice- cliff, were snowed up instantly, and thus preserved by the antiseptic power of frost to this age? "The Romance of Natural History, Second Series", Philip Henry Gosse
  • She searched for a powder- puff, and was at a loss to discover its whereabouts until she recollected that the doctor had borrowed it for the use of a man slightly scalded when his own supply of antiseptic powder was exhausted. "The Captain of the Kansas", Louis Tracy

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