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Definitions of atrium:

part of speech: noun

Cavity of cardiac auricle into which venous blood empties.

part of speech: noun

1. Auricle; the upper chamber of each half of the heart, receiving the blood from the venae cavae on the right side and from the pulmonary veins on the left, and transmitting it to the ventricle of the same side. 2. The tympanum proper, that part of the tympanic cavity which lies immediately to the inner aspect of the drum membrane. 3. The portion of the nasal cavity lying below and behind the agger and above the vestibule, anterior to the middle meatus. 4. Infundibulum ( 6).

Usage examples for atrium:

  • I've been in the Atrium "The Unwilling Vestal", Edward Lucas White
  • The wall pillars of Purbeck marble in the atrium are said to be one thousand years old. "Milton's England", Lucia Ames Mead
  • They stood up and from the open atrium passed into a narrow passage lighted only from the two ends and so into the larger courtyard with gleaming marble columns at each end and long rows of them down each side. "The Unwilling Vestal", Edward Lucas White

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