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Definitions of blood:

part of speech: noun

Fluid coursing through veins, arteries, etc.

part of speech: noun

Sanguis, cruor; the red fluid circulating in the arteries, capillaries, and veins; it carries oxygen and reconstructive material to the tissues and removes from them carbon dioxide and other waste products. The arterial blood is that which has been depurated in the lungs, is of a bright red color, and is found in the pulmonary veins, left side of the heart, and the arteries; the venous blood is that charged with waste material, it is of a dark red color, and circulates in the veins, right side of the heart, and pulmonary artery. The blood is a fluid, plasma, in which are numerous cells, the erythrocyes and leucocytes, the platelets, and the hemoconia.

Usage examples for blood:

  • Now that is not an easy thing to do to order, in cold blood "Life on the Stage", Clara Morris

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