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Definitions of branch:

part of speech: noun

An arm- like division; an off- shoot.

Usage examples for branch:

  • Then there does appear to be a connection which might be called branch like. "God the Known and God the Unknown", Samuel Butler
  • We've decided to push right along, Charley, said his father, just as if he and Mr. Grigsby considered Charley as much of a partner as they were, up the trail to Marshall's place; then we can turn north for the north branch of the American, or for the Yuba and the Feather beyond. "Gold Seekers of '49", Edwin L. Sabin
  • The branch cannot bear fruit of itself: no more can we separate from Christ; but if we abide in Him, we shall bring forth much fruit. "Memoirs of Mrs. Rebecca Steward", T. G. Steward

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