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Definitions of complex:

part of speech: adjective

1. Anything made up of a number of related parts, noting especially the aggregate of symptoms associated with a certain morbid condition, a syndrome, a symptom- complex. 2. In psychology, all the ideas, feelings, impressions, etc., associated with a given subject. 3. Specifically, in psychoanalysis, an idea or group of ideas associated with a tone of unpleasantness which tends to keep it out of consciousness. 4. Intricate, complicated.

Usage examples for complex:

  • I could not understand her complex emotions. "The Rustlers of Pecos County", Zane Grey
  • It may well be allowed that, to determine the exact relation of the Catholic Church and Christian State, and the law of their organization into one complex society, is a problem for whose perfect solution we must wait the further development of the ideas of ecclesiastical and civil society. "The Faith of the Millions (2nd series)", George Tyrrell
  • What we call mind is a complex of states of consciousness engaged in various activities. "Mastery of Self", Frank Channing Haddock

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