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Definitions of gum:

part of speech: verb

Sticky exudation of some plants.

part of speech: verb

1. The dried exuded sap from a number of trees and shrubs, forming an amorphous brittle mass ; it forms usually a mucilaginous solution in water. 2. Gingiva, the fibrous tissue covering the alveolar processes of the jaws; see gums. 3. An acneiform eruption in the infant.

Usage examples for gum:

  • " You bet your gum boots Aye bring her. "Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories", Rex Beach
  • I can walk to the water- holes near the grove of young gum trees and back again without being a hit tired. "Mr. Hogarth's Will", Catherine Helen Spence

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A resinous exudation from a shrub of Southern Europe, Cistus ladaniferus, and C. creticus, formerly employed as a stomachic and in the treatment of dysentery, and by fumigation in bronchitis. ...