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Definitions of internal:

part of speech: adjective

Within the body.

part of speech: adjective

Interior, away from the surface.

Usage examples for internal:

  • " It cannot be from the internal fires," said he, " for this light is white, and the glow of the fires is red." "The Land of the Changing Sun", William N. Harben
  • The one thing that seemed to interest them was to discuss methods of government and the internal politics of their future life in Massachusetts. "Dawn of All", Robert Hugh Benson
  • The boy's young strength was resisting splendidly, a vitality so superb was hard to beat; but beaten it would be, by the brutality of the bullet which had inflicted an internal injury past repair, against which the energy of the boy's youth might hold out for a few days- not more. "Elizabeth's Campaign", Mrs. Humphrey Ward

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