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Definitions of liver:

part of speech: noun

Largest glandular organ of the body, its work being the secretion of bile.

part of speech: noun

Hepar, jecur; the largest gland of the body, lying beneath the diaphragm in the right hypochondrium and upper part of the epigastrium; it is of irregular shape and weighs from 3 to 3 1/ 2 pounds, or about 1/ 40 the weight of the body. It secretes the bile and is also of great importance in both carbohydrate and proteid metabolism.

Usage examples for liver:

  • My doctor told me the machine would do my liver good, but, bless my happiness, I'd as soon be without a liver entirely as to do what I've done to- day. "Tom Swift and his Motor-cycle", Victor Appleton
  • Nobody to- day would think of making such a comparison, but it is more cautiously stated that consciousness is a " function" of the brain, or at all events of the nervous system, even as bile- making is a function of the liver "Life Everlasting", John Fiske
  • But she spoke once to O- liver "The Gay Cockade", Temple Bailey

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