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Usage examples for Lungs:

  • To her voice of an innocent victim begging justice from heaven was added the cry of a pair of lungs that were breathing the air for the first time. "The Last Lion and Other Tales", Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Commentator: Mariano Joaquin Lorente
  • Mrs. Elton said the physicians could discover no definite disease either of the lungs or of any other organ. "David Elginbrod", George MacDonald
  • It does not taste as strong as ours, they say; and that is the reason why all the fine ladies in the town prefer it, no doubt; but it does not do any more good to the lungs of sick people than our oil." "The Waif of the "Cynthia"", André Laurie and Jules Verne

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A resinous exudation from a shrub of Southern Europe, Cistus ladaniferus, and C. creticus, formerly employed as a stomachic and in the treatment of dysentery, and by fumigation in bronchitis. ...