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Definitions of medicinal:

part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to medicine.

part of speech: adjective

1. Relating to medicine, having curative properties. 2. Medical.

Usage examples for medicinal:

  • They will make handsome ornaments, and possess great medicinal virtues. "The Myth of Hiawatha, and Other Oral Legends, Mythologic and Allegoric, of the North American Indians", Henry R. Schoolcraft
  • The general result of the discussion was, that members of the society were recommended, when diseased cattle were submitted, not to order them to be killed, but to place them in a sanatorium for medicinal treatment; the wholesale destruction of the animals being regarded as a blot upon the profession. "On the cattle plague: or, Contagious typhus in horned cattle. Its history, origin, description, and treatment", Honoré Bourguignon
  • Mrs Piper told Dr Hodgson that Phinuit had often been shown medicinal plants, and had been asked their names, and that he had never made a mistake. "Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research", Michael Sage

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A resinous exudation from a shrub of Southern Europe, Cistus ladaniferus, and C. creticus, formerly employed as a stomachic and in the treatment of dysentery, and by fumigation in bronchitis. ...