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Definitions of metabolism:

part of speech: noun

Progressive tissue change.

part of speech: noun

Tissue- change, the sum of the chemical changes whereby the function of nutrition is effected; it consists of anabolism, or the constructive or assimilative changes, and catabolism, or the destructive or retrograde changes.

Usage examples for metabolism:

  • But even purified carbon dioxide is itself a rather repugnant gas, a product of metabolism whether fast or slow, and forever associated with those life processes which are obnoxious to the fastidious. "Bread Overhead", Fritz Reuter Leiber
  • As the pressure dropped precipitately and oxygen no longer touched his lungs, he could actually feel his alternate metabolism shifting into gear, he could feel his breathing stop and the glow of solar energy begin to spread through his body. "Rebels of the Red Planet", Charles Louis Fontenay

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