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Definitions of phantom:

part of speech: adjective

A manikin. An illusive vision.

part of speech: adjective

1. A specter, a phantasm. 2. A model of a part of the body; especially a model of the female pelvis used in demonstrating the process of childbirth and in practising the manipulations employed in a case of labor.

Usage examples for phantom:

  • Horrible dreams awoke him every instant, and yet he never wholly awoke, one phantom constantly supplanted the other in his agitated brain. "The Slaves of the Padishah", Mór Jókai
  • This phantom of the terror- stricken brain, More closely viewed will vanish into air. "The Maid of Orleans A Tragedy", Frederich Schiller
  • Is this a phantom or a dream? "Robert Browning", Edward Dowden

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