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Definitions of progressive:

part of speech: adjective

Applied to gradual intensification or gradual abatement of a disease.

part of speech: adjective

Going forward, advancing; noting the course of a disease, especially, when unqualified, an unfavorable course, as progressive paralysis, progressive atrophy.

Usage examples for progressive:

  • And that is South Africa under one Government, and under a strong and progressive Government. "With Rimington", L. March Phillipps
  • The delay in this respect is further accounted for by the fact that the preparation of food, on account of the manner of its conduct as an industry, had been the least progressive of all the arts of life. "Equality", Edward Bellamy
  • On the other hand, progressive heredity brings new characters to the species- characters that were not found in preceding generations. "Darwin and Modern Science", A.C. Seward and Others

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