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Definitions of protein:

part of speech: noun

One of a group of substances constituting the greater part of animal and vegetable tissues; they are formed chiefly by plants. They are of very complex constitution, all containing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen, and some containing in addition iron, phosphorus, or sulphur; chemically they are regarded as peptides ( polypeptides) or combinations of aminoacids and their derivatives. They are colorless, odorless, in general tasteless, and of varying degrees of solubility; they are putrefiable and readily undergo chemical change, hydrolysis, under the influence of ferments and on boiling with dilute acids or alkalies.

Usage examples for protein:

  • The property of protein to build living tissue and replace tissue waste probably depends upon several factors; but certainly one of them is the presence of nitrogen. "The Prospective Mother A Handbook for Women During Pregnancy", J. Morris Slemons
  • When it is desired to secure a large amount of protein with but little fat, chicken supplies this, perhaps, better than any other animal food. "Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value", Harry Snyder

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