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Definitions of thyroid:

part of speech: adjective

Shield- shaped.

part of speech: adjective

Resembling a shield, scutiform; noting a gland ( glandula thyreoidea) and a cartilage of the larynx ( cartilago thyreoidea). Also written, more correctly, but less commonly, thyreoid.

Usage examples for thyroid:

  • Loeb actually supposes that the thyroid is the cause of the development of the legs. "Hormones and Heredity", J. T. Cunningham
  • Sir Charles Venner, it seemed, had already spent ten years of research in extending the acquaintance of science with the functions of the thyroid gland. "First Person Paramount", Ambrose Pratt
  • The current of air was the bow, the exertion of the chest and lungs the hand which carried the bow, the thyroid cartilages the points d'appui, the arytenoids the pegs, and lastly, the muscles inserted in them the power which tensed or relaxed the cords. "The Mechanism of the Human Voice", Emil Behnke

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