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Definitions of valerian:

part of speech: noun

Antispasmodic and stimulact plant.

part of speech: noun

Valeriana ( U. S.), valerianae rhizoma ( Br.).

Usage examples for valerian:

  • Valerian felt the tears start to his eyes. "The Autobiography of a Slander", Edna Lyall
  • But from the tenour of his last speech, Don Valerian knows that Uraga has gone thither, as also his object. "The Lone Ranche", Captain Mayne Reid
  • Valerian von Loga has devoted a study to the etchings, and Don Juan de la Rada has made a study of the frescoes in the church of San Antonio de la Florida; Carl Justi, Stirling Maxwell, C. G. Hartley should also be consulted. "Promenades of an Impressionist", James Huneker

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