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Definitions of valve:

part of speech: noun

Membranous sheet closing canal one way but allowing passage in opposite direction.

part of speech: noun

Valvula. 1. A fold of the lining membrane of a canal or other hollow organ serving to retard or prevent a reflux of fluid. 2. Any reduplication of tissue or flap- like structure rerembling a valve. See also valvula and plica.

Usage examples for valve:

  • Now, if we were looking at a steam- engine, and meditating over the motive power of it, we should scarcely direct our thoughts to the safety- valve or say of it, " What a mighty power is stored up in this little lever." "Memoranda Sacra", J. Rendel Harris
  • His fingers closed a valve equipped with a combination lock. "Police Your Planet", Lester del Rey
  • There's a leak at the valve "Red Pottage", Mary Cholmondeley

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